How-To Videos of T1N Dodge Sprinter 2003-2006 Model Repairs

These DIY videos are meant ONLY for the Dodge Sprinter 2003-2006 T1N model. I have done all of these repairs myself and most were fairly easy (no more than 30 minutes). The struts took me a few hours since the van needs to jacked up and the wheels removed.

Cabin filter

Air filter

Front Struts / Shocks

Glow Plugs

Fuel Filter

Oil Change (I highly recommend using this part when you change oil)

Rear Differential Service

Brake Pads

I have used a mechanic for the ball joints, transmission fluid change, and coolant change.

Here are some useful documents:
The Sprinter service manual (PDF) that mechanics use.
The Sprinter parts manual (PDF).
The Error Code spreadsheet

If your repair isn’t listed here, check out the Sprinter Source forum and your repair will most likely have been answered there.

I also recommend the Sprinter Conversion Sourcebook for additional help.

Picture is the van in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada frozen in -10 F weather.

Jan 2017 Monthly Expense Report

The real power of living in a van is lowering your monthly expenses. Being able to live on so little money, gives you freedom! I can live on as little as $850 per month (cooking all of my own meals and not doing any fun activities).

By converting my vehicle (a Sprinter van) into my ‘home’, I was able to put an expensive ‘asset’ that was unused for the majority of each day and was able to cut out my mortgage/rent payment completely. That simple act cut my monthly expenses down considerably – then I took a hard look at my fixed, recurring expenses. After two years of living on the road, this is what my monthly expenses look like:

Monthly, RECURRING Expenses (services that I either have auto-billed or I am in a contract with):

Total Monthly, Recurring Expenses: $595

One-time Expenses (these change from month-to-month)

  • Yoga (I pay the drop-in fees): $40
  • Eating out (Chipotle, Pho, etc – I try to keep it under $10 per meal including tip): $261
  • Food and supplements (Costco, Trader Joe’s, Amazon): $387
  • Fuel for my van (depending on how much I travel): $98
  • Fun activities/Going out with friends: $180
  • Van maintenance: $29

Total One-time Expenses: $995

My total monthly expenses (one-time plus recurring monthly) for January 2017 is only $1590.

Notice that I have do NOT have the following expenses:

  • a car payment
  • a mortgage or rent payment
  • a Netflix/Hulu or Spotify membership
  • debt payments (credit cards, student loans, etc)

A few notes: I value my health hence the majority of my spending on chiropractic and gym memberships.

If I want to watch movies or listen to music, I watch or listen to what is included for FREE with my Amazon Prime membership (Prime movies or music).

I do buy clothes, but no very many each year. I typically buy merino wool clothes (shirts, underwear, socks, etc) that last for a long time (1-2 years of daily use) and are anti-microbial (so they don’t smell bad!).

If you take away only one thing from this post, it is that the real freedom comes from cutting and ultimately minimizing your monthly, recurring expenses.



2016 Year in Review

Moved to Austin, Texas
After being on the road for most of 2014 and 2015, I needed to find a warm place to spend the winter. I had never been to Texas before but heard wonderful things about Austin so I went there in January 2016. All of the hype was spot-on – I loved my time there!

Here are some quick highlights from my time in Austin:

  • Camped and hiked in Big Bend National Park
  • Went to lots of cold springs in Texas
  • Went ski diving for the first time
  • Sung karaoke for the first time (totally sober!)
  • Started investing in real estate and have owned over 400 acres of land in Texas.
  • Did the Landmark Forum and had multiple breakthroughs and now I see endless possibilities in life.
  • Learned how to have authentic, genuine conversations with anyone.
  • Learned how not to treat women and also how to seem women as people and not an object of my desire.
  • Built great relationships with many new friends.
  • Planned a 3 month ski road trip to 11 mountains over 7 states and into Canada
  • Sold my old rusty van and converted a new(er) sprinter van into my new ‘house’
  • New Crossfit PRs: a 310 lbs front squat, 410 lbs deadlift, 255 lbs bench press, 240 lbs clean, 8:51 Helen, 1:32 – 500m row.
  • Camped at most of Texas’s great state parks
  • Attended one of the best business conferences – Freedom Fast Lane Live.

Personal Goals for 2017
All of my goals this year will be possible from making $10k per month in personal income.

Sell condo
Pay off all remaining debt

Do Yoga classes
Begin learning Italian
Thank everyone that has impacted my life
Write daily
Meditate and do gratitude daily

Take massage classes
Guitar lessons class
Singing lessons
Dancing classes
Krav maga classes
Do a silent meditation retreat

Get consult with online doctor / Finish health related testing
Screen for colon cancer
Back squat 400lbs – front squat 350 lbs


Setup my life to start full-time international travel

Build the foundation to start building self-sustaining, intentional communities

Picture is of 50 acres of land that I own in Texas.

My Current Home – 2006 Sprinter Van 158 Model

In August 2016, I purchased a used 2006 158″ Dodge Sprinter van (Super high) from a dealer in Texas for $16k. It has 98k miles and the bottom of the van has a rust-protecting undercoating.

I converted the van into my new RV in 10 working days spread out over 4 weeks. I purchased a one-month membership at Techshop so I had access to a chop saw, table saw, tools so all of my cuts were straight and accurate. The TechShop also was next to a Lowes so it was extremely convenient while building the van.

I modeled my van by using Cyrus Sutton’s folding bed/hammock design. I chose it because I would have easy access to the storage cabinets on each side of the van and it allowed for a much larger bed (almost king size) while not sacrificing access to storage.

Electrical additions:

Other additions:


When I first started researching the vanlife, I picked up the Sprinter Buyers Guide.

After I bought my Sprinter van, I used this Sprinter Conversion Sourcebook to aid in the buildout.

SOLD: 2005 Dodge Sprinter is for sale – 144 High Top 2500


I’m selling my first DIY camper van that I converted myself. I am not a wood worker and it’s a little rough but everything is completely functional.

Priced to sell at $12,900. The van is located in Austin, TX. 

2005 DODGE SPRINTER VAN 2500 ¾ ton 144″ WHEEL BASE.


The vehicle number is WD2PD644455726505. The title is clear and is in hand.

On the inside, the seats are both in good condition, with no sign of wear. The fabric is good on both seats, with no rips. All gauges and indicators work fine. Mechanically, the 2.7 liter Mercedes diesel starts quickly, runs quietly, and has good power. The transmission shifts smoothly. The front end is tight. There is no sway or wobble. The tires are at least 75% all the way around. All service has been performed.  

Here are the minor issues with the van:

  • The air conditioning needs to be recharged
  • There is rust on the frame in a few spots however I have painted all visible rust with Rust Stopper
  • The side sliding door lock is sticky at times
  • The radio does not work (I have no idea what is wrong with it – I just never took the time to diagnose it)
  • One glow plug seized in the head – was still able to start in 0 degrees in Colorado winter. Two error codes: P0380 and P0672 – the codes are for the bad glow plug circuit. It has no effect on the performance of the vehicle.
  • The brake light is on but the brakes are in excellent condition.

The front 2 tires only have 12k miles on them while the rear tires have only 2k on them. Oil, fuel and air filters have been changed religiously. Sprinter mechanics are always impressed with how smooth the engine runs. It is ready for another 100k miles!

Conversion additions (which will be sold with the van):

Other improvements:

$1854 in additions have made this Sprinter a great, comfortable van to sleep in. I having been living in it full-time for 2 years. I recently bought a new van to convert so this one needs to be sold. It is ready immediately for a road trip!

The van is located in Austin, TX.

Email me at or comment with any questions. Thanks for looking!

Sprinter Van Conversion

When I first started researching the vanlife, I picked up the Sprinter Buyers Guide.

After I bought my Sprinter van, I used this Sprinter Conversion Sourcebook to aid in the buildout.
I have stayed on top of all engine maintenance since I purchased the van on January 5, 2015.

Mileage Date Oil change Fuel Filter Air Filter Transmission Fluid Shell ATF 134 Tires Engine Coolant (60k) Notes
140,000 1/1/2015 New brakes, pads and rotors, new alternator, new turbo tube and resonator
160,000 3/5/2015 x Replaced ball joints, front struts, and oil seals. Completed rear diff service. Completed wheel alignment.
165,000 8/1/2015 x x x New camshaft position sensor, replaced turbo resonator with aluminum eliminator
166,600 9/16/2015 x 2 rear New transmission fluid and filter. Used Shell ATF 134 fluid. Glow plugs replaced
171,280 1/5/2015 x Oil change
174,536 3/6/2015 x Put 2 gallons of Pennzoil Dex-Gold and flushed out old engine coolant
175,700 4/24/2016 x x Oil change and air filter
176,000 5/17/2016 2 rear Rotated and balanced rear tires to front; 2 Yokohama tires 225 /75R16